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Aura with Amnesia Chapter 1
I got a lot good ideas to make the new fics. This may be similar with others, well this time it would be different. Of course it will be Advanceshipping and few other shippings.
I never own any Pokémon Series, it belongs to Game Freak or Nintendo Company. If I did, Advanceshipping would be canon and maybe for other shipping.
The boy began waking up slowly. He looked around and saw he was in a log cabin. It wasn't very big. There was small couch and the lamp next to it. His bed was next to the wall with a small dresser at the end of the bed. After he finished looking around, he became very dizzy and confused until two Pokémon came in.
The first was a bipedal, jackal-like Pokémon, with fur that is predominantly blue and black. It possessed a short, round spike on the back of each forepaw, in addition to a third on its chest. His snout and ears were long and had cream-colored fur on its torso, and blue fur on
:iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 2 0
Pokemon x Human Shipping: Main Characters
Pokemon x Human Shipping
Ash x Pikachu - Pikashipping
Ash x Caterpie
Ash x Metapod -
Ash x Butterfree - Fluttershipping
Ash x Pidgeotto - Skyhighshipping
Ash x Pidgeot-
Ash x Bulbasaur - IllegalActionshipping
Ash x Charmander-
Ash x Charmeleon-
Ash x Charizard - Headstrongshipping
Ash x Squirtle - Squirtshipping
Ash x Krabby -
Ash x Kingler - Hammershipping
Ash x Primeape -
Ash x Muk -
Ash x Tauros -
Ash x Lapras - Laprusshipping
Ash x Snorlax - Gluttonshipping
Ash x Heracross -
Ash x Chikorita - Chikoshipping
Ash x Bayleef - Bodyslamshipping
Ash x Cyndaquil - Strelashipping
Ash x Quilava -
Ash x Totodile -
Ash x Noctowl - NoWaishipping
Ash x Phanpy -
Ash x Donphan -
Ash x Taillow -
Ash x Swellow - Unwaveringshipping
Ash x Treecko-
Ash x Grovyle -
Ash x Sceptile - ForestKingshipping
Ash x Corphish - JollyandBraveshipping
Ash x Torkoal - AshesToAshesshipping
Ash x Snorunt-
Ash x Glalie - IcyPrankshipping
Ash x Aipom - HatThiefshipping
Ash x Ambipom - Lapshipping
Ash x Starly-
Ash x Star
:iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 3 2
Reactions to the Shipping List: May (Anime)
"May, maybe you should go first, asked Ash. Everybody are just sitting ducks and waiting for next person go through the shipping list. May blush for hearing Ash about I should go first. "Thank you Ash, I guess I should go first", said May.
As May got up go to the lab. There was only one computer and papers next to it. She click on shipping and see her name.
Well here we goes.
1000WishesShipping - May x Iris
Wow first one the list for Iris ? Iris was my good friend of mine, not romance. I think she like Cilan.
AdvanceAuraShipping - May x Sir Aaron
It cute when Ash dress up as Sir Aaron. Why someone want me to date with him for hundred years old ?
AdvanceCloneShipping/ MariShipping - May x Ritchie
Never met him, but I heard he was a clone to Ash.
AdvancedChuShipping - May x Pikachu (Ash's)
I love Pikachu, but dating with Pokémon is not right.
AdvancedMinamosShipping - May x Ash x Kelly
...That could work.
AdvancedtwinsShipping - May x Tate
I wish Tate was my sister instead of my brother
:iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 1 0
My favorite Top 10 Pokemon Shipping by OhioStateBuckeyes My favorite Top 10 Pokemon Shipping :iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 19 31 Ash's Friends and Rivals by OhioStateBuckeyes Ash's Friends and Rivals :iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 4 0 Ash and his Pokemon by OhioStateBuckeyes Ash and his Pokemon :iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 33 6
Pokemon Matchmaker Chapter 2
I never own any characters, plot, Pokémon, it belongs to Game Freak, Pokémon Company, Nintendo.
May's Dream
A quiet night at the Pallet Town for Ash and May. Outside of Oak's Lab, Ash and May watches those stars with there Pikachu and Glaceon peacefully sleep beside their owner. They decided to spent in time each other before leaving in different regions.
"Um Ash, there something I want to say", blushing May. "Go ahead May, I'm listening", replied Ash. May look into Ash eyes and know he going to say actually what I'm saying.
"Ash, I wish I never gone to Jhoto, because I miss so much. I had been feelings about you for long time. I love you Ash", blushing May. Ash is very red and say "I love you to May, I never stop thinking about you while we separate".
Both trainers look each other eyes, lend closer to kiss. May heart began rising. She close her eyes and began to kiss. When both began to kiss, Ash lick her
:iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 4 3
Pokemon Matchmaker Chapter 1
"Pikachu, finish up with your Electro Ball", shouted Ash. The boy named Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. Ash finally advance to the finals in Unova League. His Pikachu finish his Electro Ball on unknown trainer and their Carracosta.
"Carracosta is unable to battle, that means the victors go to Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, winner of the Unova League".
Ash excited,"Oh right Pikachu, we finally won the Unova League". Pikachu run toward Ash and hug for victory. Iris and Cilan came over to congratulations of winning the league. After award cemmoies, Ash and his friends decided to rest at the Pokémon center.
"So Ash, what are you going to do after the winning the league?", excited Iris. While petting her Axew. Cilan making a phone call from his brothers. " Well, I have to go back to Pallet Town to see all my mom and friends. Of course of my Pokémon", explain Ash.
"How many Pokémon you have?"
"Let see, there was ten with me, three for training, three for release, twenty-two Pokémon that are in
:iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 9 2
Pokemon Shipping Meme
1. Your current shipping obsession?
Advanceshipping (Ash x May), Rocketshipping (James x Jessie), Gymshipping (Brock x Misty), Showoffshipping (Max x Dawn), Wishfulshipping (Cilan x Iris), ShootsDownshipping (Zoey x Kenny), Spokeshipping (Stephan x Bianca), Handymanshipping (Tracey x Daisy), Eldershipping (Delia Ketchum x Professor Oak), Neoshipping (Butch x Cassidy), THERE IS SO MANY SHIPPING THAT I LIKE !!!!!!
2. Favorite shipping/s involving Ash?
Advanceshipping (Ash x May), Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn), Negaishipping (Ash x Iris)
3. Favorite shipping/s involving May?
Advanceshipping (Ash x May), Firebirdshipping (James x May), Shoppingshipping (Brock x May), Replacementshipping (Tracey x May)
4. Favorite shipping/s involving Misty?
Gymshipping (Brock x Misty), Orangeshipping (Tracey x Misty), Greeneyeshipping (James x Misty)
5. Favorite shipping/s involving Brock?
Gymshipping (Brock x Misty), Shoppingshipping (Brock x May), Lightrockshipping (Brock x Dawn), Medicineshipping (Brock x
:iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 0 0
Advanceshipping with thier Pokemon by OhioStateBuckeyes Advanceshipping with thier Pokemon :iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 33 6 Pokemon James Victreebel by OhioStateBuckeyes Pokemon James Victreebel :iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 6 2 Orangeshipping by OhioStateBuckeyes Orangeshipping :iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 16 2
I need help for upcoming stories sequels TBoR
I need help for a squels 'The Battle of Regions'. Note: If you don't know am I talking about, go to fanfiction, type in The Battle of Regions and read it (it not finish).
All main characters had to biomerge with thier Pokemon (Ash, Misty, Brock,Jessie, James, May, Max, Dawn, Cilan, and Iris) Here the examples
Ash Ketchum
Biomerge with Pikachu(only one) - Name, Attacks
Biomerge with every regions(like going to Kanto,bring his Kanto Pokemon)- Name, Attacks
Biomerge with all his Pokemon - Name, Attacks
Biomerge with Max and his Pokemon + Hoenn - Name,Attacks
Biomerge with Everyone(Main Characters and thier Pokemon) - Name, Attacks
Ash Ketchum is the only one with most biomerge. Here another examples and same for everyone expect Ash.
Misty Waterflower
Biomerge one of her Pokemon (only) - Name, Attacks
Biomerge with her Pokemon - Name, Attacks
Biomerge with Iris and her Pokemon - Name, Attacks
Biomerge with Everone (Main characters and thier Pokemon) - Name, Attacks
Rest of them are same fo
:iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 1 0
Pokemon Shipping Edited
My favorite Pokémon Couples:
Advanceshipping (Ash x May)
Gymshipping (Brock x Misty)
Rocketshipping (James x Jessie)
Showoffshipping (Max x Dawn)
Wishfulshipping (Cilan x Iris)
ShootsDownshipping (Zoey x Kenny)
Spokeshipping (Stephan x Bianca)
Handymanshipping (Tracey x Daisy)
Eldershipping (Delia Ketchum and Professor Oak)
My least favorite Pokémon Couples:
Pokeshipping (Ash x Misty)
Contestshipping (Drew x May)
Ikarishipping (Paul x Dawn)
Egoshipping (Gary x Misty)
Palletshipping (Ash x Gary)
Comashipping (Ash x Paul)
Penguinshipping (Dawn x Kenny)
HeatTagshipping (Dawn x Conway)
Flavescentshipping (Trip x Iris)
Sommeliershipping (Cilan x Burgundy)
Perfect fine with Pokémon Couples:
Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn)
Orangeshipping (Tracey x Misty)
Greeneyeshipping (James x Misty)
Shoppingshipping (Brock x May)
Lightrockshipping (Brock x Dawn)
Firebirdshipping (James x May)
Sexyshipping (James x Dawn)
Replacementshipping (Tracey x May)
Beamshipping (Tracey x Dawn)
:iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 0 0
Pokemon From Evolution and Legendary by OhioStateBuckeyes Pokemon From Evolution and Legendary :iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 2 0 Pokemon 2nd Evolution and No Evolution Part 2 by OhioStateBuckeyes Pokemon 2nd Evolution and No Evolution Part 2 :iconohiostatebuckeyes:OhioStateBuckeyes 3 1


May And Her Mega Blaziken by Frie-Ice May And Her Mega Blaziken :iconfrie-ice:Frie-Ice 27 2 Pokemon XY The Anime Special Preview! by denkimouse Pokemon XY The Anime Special Preview! :icondenkimouse:denkimouse 208 34 Mario Fanfiction by EdieMammon Mario Fanfiction :iconediemammon:EdieMammon 14 36 Opposites by Gabasonian Opposites :icongabasonian:Gabasonian 1,180 232 Digitize Legendary Warriors by MegaloRex Digitize Legendary Warriors :iconmegalorex:MegaloRex 118 8 Digitized Tamers by MegaloRex Digitized Tamers :iconmegalorex:MegaloRex 126 10 Digitized Digidestined 02 by MegaloRex Digitized Digidestined 02 :iconmegalorex:MegaloRex 123 4 Digitized Digidestined 01 by MegaloRex Digitized Digidestined 01 :iconmegalorex:MegaloRex 126 10 Mega Tropius by Dragonith Mega Tropius :icondragonith:Dragonith 499 103 Pokebusters! by Moysche Pokebusters! :iconmoysche:Moysche 57 9 WE ARE LEGEND HEROES!! by adventure-heart WE ARE LEGEND HEROES!! :iconadventure-heart:adventure-heart 238 14 Year of Luigi by chiby-furry Year of Luigi :iconchiby-furry:chiby-furry 147 79 Autumn feeling by chiby-furry Autumn feeling :iconchiby-furry:chiby-furry 111 44 commission7 4 gold-ring-951 by hikariangelove commission7 4 gold-ring-951 :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 421 39 The Striking Insectoid of Kindness by MegaloRex The Striking Insectoid of Kindness :iconmegalorex:MegaloRex 10 3 The Wild Fighter of Miracles by MegaloRex The Wild Fighter of Miracles :iconmegalorex:MegaloRex 27 5


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